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Table Molteni & C. Where + Who

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Types of furniture Rectangular table
Factory Molteni & C.
Style Modern
Sizes Length (cm): 220; Depth (cm): 100; Height (cm): 75
Colors Black; White
Article Where + Who
Where table: Elegant and classically contemporary, Where tables have a trapezoidal structure in essence. The tops with rectangular shapes, fixed and extendable, or round of different sizes, are very thick. The support surfaces in wood, glass or marble amplify its functions. The different marble slabs that make up the tables cannot be the same as each other; variations in tone, veining, fossil intrusions are a guarantee that marble is natural. Chairs Who: A new form for the Who chair, where the richness of details and a wise processing of wood complete the project. Solid wood frame on which rests an aerial seat, covered in leather at the front, Who in the version with armrests completes the proposal, giving it richness, comfort and refinement. This table is in the extendable version that from 220 becomes open 315, in gray oak finish. N. 4 chairs with structure in gray oak and 1211 Siria leather

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