How do we get the best price for you?
номер 1
Your request is sent to the billing center, which, with the participation of the factory, calculates the lowest possible price on the market.
номер 2
After processing your application and receiving the proforma of the factory, you are offered the best price. For ordering multiple items, you will be offered a volume discount
номер 3
We send the finished order to the salons of your city and find out who is ready to accept it for work. The salon that has confirmed its readiness to conclude an agreement at this price will receive your contacts.
номер 4
We help you at all stages until the conclusion of the contract, in the absence of a salon in your city that is ready to sell at a low price, we transfer you to a reliable seller in another city.
номер 5
Our service helps to get the lowest price and conclude a contract, after which you enter into a legal relationship with a furniture salon, which is fully responsible for terms and guarantees
On our site the factories advertise themselves. The salons will provide a service for buying at the factories and delivering furniture to the client.
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